Deluxe Got Snipped Basket

The Deluxe Got Snipped Basket comes in a PEVA insulated, soft shell cooler, customized with our “Got Snipped.” logo to properly advertise his condition. The Deluxe cooler is large enough to fit a six-pack of 12 oz. cans and comes packed with:

1. A steel HAND BELL to ensure he gets the attention he deserves.

2. Two (2) NEOPRENE BEER COZIES, customized with the inspirational message, “They can take my vas deferens, but they will never take... My FREEDOM!!!”

3. GOLF BALLS: Symbolic of his post-op recovery, he’ll find two (2) BLUE Chromax M1x golf balls. Designed for better visibility and tracking, these premium blue balls are U.S.G.A. approved and tournament ready.

4. A customized SHOT GLASS, inscribed with the message, “R.I.P. My – Vas Deferens,” to commemorate his wound. 

5. DVD – Choose one (1) classic, highly re-watchable DVD from our selection to complete the Deluxe Got Snipped Box

**NEW** Receive a FREE get well card with every Deluxe Got Snipped Basket! Please make a note in the "special instructions" section at the beginning of checkout if you would prefer the kangaroo, golf, or duck card. Otherwise you will receive a randomly selected card. 


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