A Few Ways to Navigate the Big Snip

There are two primary forms of permanent birth control available to individuals and couples: A vasectomy, performed in men, and a tubal ligation for women. These options are available to individuals and couples who have decided not to have children, or for those families who have decided that their family is complete and do not want any more children. It is important to note that while these procedures can be reversed, they are not advised in any patient who may intend on having children in the future. The reversal procedures are costly and there is no guarantee that the procedure will be successful, with fertility restored.

There is an overwhelming amount of information on the Internet about both a vasectomy and tubal ligation. Trying to find accurate and up to date information on either procedure can be daunting. So, at Got Snipped., we’ve scoured the web and compiled a few accurate, easy to read websites with thorough information available on the different options for a vasectomy and contrasting information on tubal ligation.

A Few Sites to Navigate the Big Snip:

Planned Parenthood: Contains an easy to read list of commonly asked questions and answers for vasectomy patients. Further, Planned Parenthood also has other birth control options listed on the left panel, so you can easily jump to those for more information.

Urology Care Foundation: Contains more detailed information on the anatomy and specifics of a vasectomy. They have some great diagrams of the procedure, which help you understand the gritty, graphic details! Despite the slow download speed of the site, please be patient – it’s worth it!

World Vasectomy Day: Contains useful and informative testimonials from men who have already had a vasectomy. And for those looking to spice up their next movie night, they also have the entire live feed from World Vasectomy Day available to watch and find out more information (includes live stream videos of actual vasectomies!)

Additionally, Jonathan Stack, co-Founder of World Vasectomy Day, recently wrote a great article for CNN about World Vasectomy Day and tackling some of the topics that are foremost in the minds of men who are considering a vasectomy.

Emedicine Health: Contains detailed information, including some great charts indicating the success rates, advantages, and disadvantages of various forms of permanent and temporary forms of birth control; and a side to side chart comparing and contrasting vasectomy and tubal ligation. While the advertisements on the site can be distracting, the information presented is well put together.

Obviously, we're biased here at Got Snipped., but everyone should make the best birth control decision for them and their family. And we hope these links help in navigating that decision. Just know if the decision is a vasectomy...we have some great gift ideas to get a recovery laugh!


Teena Price
Teena Price